GUILD MERGERS - Imperian Online Help


Syntax: GUILD MERGER SHOW [guild]
          - Show the proposed descriptions for the merged guilds.
        GUILD MERGER NAME <guild name>
          - Propose the guild's short name.
          - Propose the helpfile for your guild.
          - You will enter the editor.

        GUILD MERGE WITH <guild>          - Initiate the guild merging.

The Guild Merger system allows two guilds to merge in an almost seamless mechanical manner. No more do small guilds have to linger with no one or only one person on with no hope of changing that. If you can find another guild to merge with and create a larger, better organisation then that option is now in your hands.

To make the merger as seamless as possible and to maintain your work in your guilds there are a number of automated features when merging guilds:
   - Players will maintain their existing guild rank.
   - Players will be granted access to multiple professions through their merged guild.
   - A Free Room account will be added to your guildhall and points added to it which will
     allow you to waive the cost of purchasing guild addons. If the old guildhall had a
     profession room, you should be able to make one without paying for it.
   - Projects will change loyalty to the merged guild.
   - Bank accounts will automatically accumulate to the merged guild's accounts.
   - Loyal Clans will change loyalty to the merged guild.
   - Existing GHELP files will be moved to the merged guild.
   - News articles will not be merged.

Guildmasters will be able to customise their proposal when merging guilds together using GUILD MERGER. Guild Members can see what their guild is currently proposing with GUILD MERGER SHOW, and if you want to see what another guild is doing you can also do GUILD MERGER SHOW <guild>.

Guildmasters are able to propose the NAME and HELP FILE. It will be subject to the Garden's approval before allowing an actual merger request to go ahead.

If a proposal has been approved and the other party is online, the Guild Master will then be able to do GUILD MERGE WITH <guild>. Once the Second Guild Master accepts the proposal, a referendum is automatically created and will last roughly a week. You will need to have 50% + 1 of the votes in both guild referendums for the merger to succeed - tied votes are considered a failure. As both referendums end and both guilds are in favour of the merger, then all players will be shifted to the initial guild that proposed the merger. As stated, you will maintain guild rank and skills. You will need to be an active player in order to vote in the referendum. Leadership will not automatically transfer to the new guild and will be subject to the Guildmaster that initially proposed the merger.