Guild Health - Imperian Online Help

8.13 Guild Health

Guild health represents a guild's overall activity level. Guilds that maintain
a consistently low level of health are at risk to be permanently disbanded.

Five factors are used to measure a guild's health. They are:

Member Activity
 - A healthy, strong guild will have many active members.

Leadership Activity
 - This factor represents the activity level of your guild's master,
   secretaries, and head of novices. The activity of the leadership
   is not also counted as normal member activity. It is important
   to have both active members who are not part of the leadership and
   active leaders.

Guild Advancement
 - This factor measures how effectively active people in your guild
   are able to advance in guildrank. A healthy, strong guild
   frequently rewards active guildmembers.

Guild Affinity
 - Your guild's health will decrease if you frequently have members
   who maintain a low level of circle affinity.

Relevant commands:

 - This command will show you the health of all guilds in the game.

 - This guild privilege, available to guildmasters, secretaries, and
   all guild members above level 11, will show you a history
   detailing the progression of your guild's health over the past 7