Grouping Items - Imperian Online Help

7.13 Grouping Items

Some types of items in Imperian can be lumped together and treated as a single item. For instance, if you're carrying 16 red inks, it's nice to group them together so you can manage them easier, and move them around all at once. Once combined, they are treated as one, and giving, dropping, (but not inking obviously), etc manipulate the 'group' as a whole. To create and manage groups, you can use the following commands:

COMBINE <item> AND <item> 
The first will join a pair of items into a single group (if they are the same type of thing and capable of being grouped of course). The second will combine all of the same type into a single group regardless of how many you have. Note that this can work both in your inventory and on the ground (but it will check your inventory first).

(Combines all of the red ink in your inventory into a single item representing all of them.)

SPLIT <item> <# of ways> [WAYS]
This will split a grouped item into a specified number of groups. It will try to split them evenly, but if it can't then there will be one group that holds the difference. For example, a group of 8 can be split 3 ways, but it will result in two groups of 2 and a single group of 4.

SPLIT <item> <num>/<num>
This will split the grouped item into two groups, with proportions specified by the given fraction. For example, 2/3 or 50/50.

Example: SPLIT RED INK 50/50 (while holding a group of 10 red inks):
(Results in two groups being formed, each with 5 inks.)

Split the item in to as many groups as possible, each group having a specified number in it. Note, that you can only split into 250 groups at a time this way.