Giftbag Artifacts - Imperian Online Help

24.5.1 Giftbag Artifacts

These are the unique artifacts that can only come from giftbags that are occasionally offered as a free gift with your credit purchases during a special monthly promotion.

a spirit beacon
This beacon will pull you to it on death, instead of going to the death portal. Just drop the spirit beacon on the ground and you will return here. You are the only one that can see or manipulate your spirit beacon. On death, the beacon will be returned to your inventory. Will work for 10 deaths. It will not work across the underworld and prime material plane. A beacon in the underworld will help you if you die in the underworld.
a doomworm
You can RELEASE DOOMWORM to instantly kill yourself. The worm will burrow into your brain and then explode. It will give no credit to your attackers as well as stunning and damaging everyone in the room. Can be used while prone, but not under any other normal hindering conditions. 5 uses.
a mentor's scroll
You can READ SCROLL TO <player> whose level is lower than yours and, if they ACCEPT, they will gain your unmodified base health and mana for 24 hours. Their other stats will be unchanged. Will work 5 times.
a reciprocating translocator
You may attune this translocator to a mutual ally. Afterwards, when you activate it, you will swap places with that person as long as they are on the same plane. Bypasses monolith sigils. May have undesired effects on you when you activate it (dizziness, damage, confusion). You will have to re-attune it before every use. 5 uses. Commands are: ATTUNE TRANSLOCATOR TO <player> and TRANSLOCATE TO <player>.
a plague rat
When you ACTIVATE <rat> in a room, it will cause an initial fear effect to all loyal mobs and players in the room. It will also cause fear affliction to any who enter the room and prevent summoned allies from entering the room through following. Lasts 60 mins before fading away. Does not work on guards or bosses.

a ragged coin purse
When inside a city, you may BRIBE GUARD. For 30 minutes, guards of that city will do about 75% less damage to you. Unfortunately, you will be unable to damage those guards. Has 3 uses.
a signed contract
You may PRESENT CONTRACT up to 25 times. All sentient mobiles who are shown the treaty in the room will cease being aggressive toward you and stop attacking you for a while. If you hit the mob or any of its allies, all bets are off. Does not work on city guards or boss mobs.
a crystal cylinder
When in the same room as an ally, you may SIPHON [TO|FROM] <player>. This will cause 5% of their health to siphon from them to you, or visa versa. It will stop if either of you leave the room of the other player when it ticks again. It will not be effected by movement if one player is following the other. When trying to siphon FROM another player, they must have allied you. It will transfer 5000 health before breaking.
a bag of wriggling maggots
When FLING MAGGOTS, you will strike everyone in the room, including yourself, paralyzing everyone. Does not require balance to use, but takes short equilibrium when used. There are enough maggots for 10 uses. Great party gag! Who doesn't like a face full of maggots?
a cracked bottle
When you SPILL BOTTLE, every room in your area will become flooded. Can be used five times.
a rusty syringe
INJECT SYRINGE and you take 25% more damage but also deal 25% more damage. Five uses. Lasts for 5 minutes.

a faded green capsule
EAT CAPSULE will temporarily sets all your skills to Transcendent for 24 hours. Nice for trying out a new profession.

There are 10 different kinds of horns you can get through giftbags. To find out what they are, you must purchase giftbags, or trade amongst your fellow players.

To trade a horn to someone you will need to HORN TRADE <horn#> TO <person>. Scamming people out of their horns in any way will -NOT- be tolerated.

To use the horn that you have gained you can BLOW HORN. This will periodically start summoning monsters for roughly 30 minutes. Some are more rare then others.

Be sure to keep an eye out for them! EACH HORN CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE,

These special stones will give you a special, temporary buff. When you activate the buff, the soulstone is destroyed.

CRUSH <soulstone> to activate the buff.

Like many promotions items, soulstones can be traded, bought, and sold on the promotions market. Read HELP PROMOTIONS and HELP PROMOTIONS MARKET for more details!

 Types of soulstones:

  an inscribed chunk of hematite
   - Gives +1 to your Strength stat.
   - Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

  an inscribed quartz prism
   - Gives +1 to your Intelligence stat.
   - Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

  an inscribed malachite needle
   - Gives +1 to your Dexterity stat.
   - Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

  an inscribed bloodstone pebble
   - Gives +1 to your Constitution stat.
   - Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

  an inscribed opal pebble
   - Gives you 10% damage resistance.
   - Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

  a polished chunk of onyx
   - Gives you 5 free, instant trips out of Dis.
   - Lasts forever until you use them all up.
   - Go to the wooden landing in Dis and RESURRECT IN <ferry destination>
   - For example, RESURRECT IN KINSARMAR will instantly bring you to life near Kinsarmar.