FROSTBRINGERS - Imperian Online Help


We are the Shamans of the Iron Wood. We are wise, stealthy, and untamed. We have grown and adapted to the frozen forests, and thus have devoted ourselves to protecting the woodlands and the council within it. We listen to the spirits, we honour the ancestors, and read the omens that emerge from the world around us. The Frostbingers are the heart of the North.

The true essence of a Frostbinger is unparalleled, raw independence. We boldly prowl the vast lands of Aetherius seeking a better understanding and further enlightenment of the world around us through contact with the spirits. Residing in the northern forests of Ithaqua, we Frostbingers live a life unconfined and united with nature. Magick is shunned within our community, for it is considered to be a crutch for the weak and destructive to the very woods we protect. We fight using the experience obtained from life in the woodlands and with the powerful spirits of our animal comrades.

Endowed with the skills of hunting, wyrmriding, and trailblazing, the Frostbringers are experts in the natural environment. Wyrmriding enables us to summon and control a fierce icewyrm to aid us in combat. Hunting allows us to summon animal guardians, set traps for our adversaries, and be able to use weapons in battle. Trailblazing provides us with various survival skills and defenses. This allows us to travel for days on end, relying on our intuitive instincts and on the wilderness to sustain us.

This is how we exist, as nature intended.