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16.5 The Fourth Age - The Age of Mortality


As the Gods die, and the mortal races of Aetherius struggle to defend their hearth and home against the ravages of three mighty, endless armies. The Horde of the Breeding Pools of the east, the Undead of the Stele, and the Demons of the great northern rift maraud and pillage across the continent. The Hammer of the Gods represented humanity's last chance for salvation.

The great power of the Hammer of the Gods was revealed and battle ensued for control. For days, battle ensued by two different factions; The forces of Kinsarmar were determined to eradicate the Horde, and opposed were the allied forces of Khandava, Antioch, Celidon, Ithaqua, and Stavenn attempting to destroy the Demon rift and avenge our fallen Gods. Despite having the odds heavily stacked against them and holding the world at bay for several days, the Kinsarmarians lost their hold of the Hammer of the Gods and the allied forces began the last fateful march towards destiny.

Many battles were fought by the allied forces along the way, but the warriors survived them all and kept the march moving. At the last second, a final horde of demons charged through the rift to drive back the Hammer, but they were too late. A beam of blinding light connected the Hammer of the Gods, wielded by Aleutia, to the demon rift and a virtual torrent of fire burned and sealed the rift.

Overwhelmed by the power exhibited by the mortal races of Aetherius, the amassed forces of the Horde and Undead withdrew. The heart of the invasion has been crushed, however, and the world veers away from the edge of destruction. The death of the Gods and the unveiling of the mighty Hammer created by their fallen essence ushers in a new age: The Age of Mortality.