FAVOUR AND DISFAVOUR - Imperian Online Help


If you particularly please or anger an entity, he or she may choose to grant you favour, or curse you with disfavour, both of which last a limited time.

The command FAVOURS will show you if you are in the favour or disfavour of any entity.

The available favours are:

- 50% faith/belief gain when sacrificing
- 50% faith/belief gain from XP
- Extra faith/belief gain from PvP
- +50% experience gain

- All the effects of a favour
- +1 to all stats

- -1 to all stats

In addition to these, an extra type of favours and disfavours exists, known as truefavours and truedisfavours. These are generally only used as special rewards, or as administrative punishments.

  - Alters constitution by 2 points
  - Alters other stats by 1 point
  - Temporarily improves or reduces your skills
  - Either makes you not need sleep and food, or doubles your need for them.
  - Adds a damage shield, cutting damage done to you by about 15%, or makes
    you take about 15% more damage. This is not cumulative.
  - Gives an xp award or takes away some xp upon wearing off.