EARTHSINGERS - Imperian Online Help


Disgusted with the lack of focus on the natural world and the forest's  
own brilliant music, the Earthsingers branched away from the Bards in an
effort to reclaim the legacy of the songs found in nature.              

Cradled deep in the Redwoods, the Earthsingers are called many things,  
from Treesinger to Speaker of the Woods. Regardless of name, an         
Earthsinger seeks out the very heart of the wood and attempt to         
understand its needs. The forest has many secrets and many dreams like  
all living things. The Earthsingers seek to understand these secrets,   
these dreams through both scholastic efforts and an unexplainable       
connection to the very trees around them. Many are masters of           
storytelling known to give knowledge of the forest freely, spreading the
will of the wood. All Earthsingers pride themselves on true oneness with
the knowledge the forest can bare.                                      

Wild and unyielding the Earthsingers both act and speak based on this   
profound search for what it is the woods whisper to them, in the song of
wind through trees, and the howl of the beast. Whether an Earthsinger   
chooses to pursue the arts of the claw or to speak the voice of the     
woods, as long as the forest's song speaks to their heart and souls they
will find a home.                                                       

Wielding the Art, or Voice as called by the uninitiated, Thespia, and   
Artistry, the Earthsingers are a potent force once trained in the arts  
of the Claw. The Song of Creation is a potent weapon, and a potent way  
to reveal the truth heard in the soft music of forest life. Thespia is  
equally useful, allowing a Voice to tip the battlefield in either       
direction, strengthening himself and his allies, or to cripple and even 
slay his enemies. Artistry is used to create magickal artifacts of all  
types, ranging from beautiful paintings to potent sketches that are     
shadows of the essence that they were drawn of.                         

If the Hunter is a physical manifestation of the forest, and the        
Arboreal is the soul, we are the voice.