DUNESTRIDERS - Imperian Online Help


 To those who know how to look for it, the deserts are full of wildlife.
 The sands of the Shaahri are lush with a multitude of plants and
 animals which call this brutal region their home. To take advantage
 of these natural surroundings requires an uncommon dedication to the
 skills of survival and hunting. The desert is not a kind place to
 live, and the foolish souls who travel there unprepared meet a swift

 Formed from a remnant sect of rogue Hunters that chose to lead their
 lives without Magick, the Dunestriders have maintained their existence
 against immense adversity. This fellowship calls the Shaahri their
 home and seeks mastery over its hostile terrain. Based within the
 great city of Antioch, they aid in the defense of the sands by keeping
 the natural world around their home free of the taint of magick and
 eliminating any threat that may seek to do it harm. They have taken
 it upon themselves to protect their desert refuge and strengthen its
 Anti-Magick heritage.

 These individuals utilize the skills of Wyrmriding, Hunting, and
 Trailblazing to roam stealthily about the lands.  When in combat, they
 may use the inner frigidness of their Icewyrm steeds to clamp the cold
 grip of fear unto the hearts of their enemies. With their prowess in
 Hunting, the Dunestriders have the ability to lay intricate traps which
 may ensnare or afflict their enemies. A myriad of animal companions
 can also be called upon to help them in combat. Finally, the ability
 of Trailblazing empowers the Dunestriders to combat demons, create
 toxins and affliction-curing concoctions, and better observe other
 souls roaming about Aetherius.