THE DIAVLOUS KNIGHTS - Imperian Online Help


In the year 1300 AA, a group of Noctusari began training themselves in the
arts of combat. They honed their skills on the blades of their home city 
of Stavenn. Nimble, dexterous and deadly were they that gave their beings 
to the blades. As time went on and their skills with the blades became 
more precise, and their numbers grew, they came to call themselves the 
Diavlous. Soon the Diavlous swore an oath to the Noctusari, their sister 
guild, to uphold and further their goal of vengeance upon Stavenn for its 
past persecution upon their guild. 

When the Noctusari enacted their coup upon the city of Stavenn, the
Diavlous served as their strong arm. They came down upon the citizens, 
keeping them in line, and quelling their uprisings with unsurpassed 

The Diavlous, though much like the Noctusari, ascribe to only the magick
skills taught to them by their former guild. Their true calling lies in 
combat, blades and magick used in conjunction to create a deadly force. 
They have shrugged off the philosophical and intellectual principles of 
the Noctusari to adopt this purpose of physical prowess and strategical