THE DIACHAIM - Imperian Online Help


Contrary to the theories of a few scholars, the universe is not an empty void. Just as oceans are filled with water, creation is filled with the Diachaim. Invisible but as real as any other resource, it flows through and around everything. In some places the flows are thinner, and in others it collects and pools around certain objects. Just like an ocean, it has flowing tides and currents, some ripping through reality like a raging storm, others lapping gently at its edges.

It is the power that the fallen Divine had used to manipulate things, and it is what the newborn Entities use to grow in power. However, it is not just those of the Immortal realm that uses such powers. Mortals who belong to cults and sects have the ability to draw on the power of Diachaim, using it to their will through the belief of their ideas, granting them rituals and eventually a temple. Every time a member of a sect or cult call upon their rituals or altar, they call from the immense pool of Diachaim, manipulating it to grant them more strength, power, and abilities.

The Entities of the realms now use it to grow stronger, both through a cult or sect, as well as through evolving. Every time they grow in size and evolve into a different state, they draw on Diachaim, allowing its energy to overtake their form and grant them more power. Some Entities try to consume all the power of the Diachaim flow, in hopes to overcome the others, or to command the mortal realm.