Deathball - Imperian Online Help

17.19 Deathball

Deathball is very similar to a Bloodbath, in the respect that it is a timed
event. Winning however is based on a totally different basis. You win a
Deathball match by holding on to the 'Deathball' longer then anyone else.

A couple things to note. 

1. Picking up a deathball will make you unwield anything you are holding.
2. You cannot drop, give, or otherwise manipulate the deathball.
3. You can HIT <player> WITH DEATHBALL to instantly kill them. (Woot!)
4. When killed in a Deathball match you will be healed and moved.
5. The deathball is heavy and affects movement. 
6. The deathball likes death. Holding it for longer then 20 seconds without
   killing another player will result in your death.
7. When the player holding the deathball dies, the ball will fall in that 
   room and catch on fire. Picking up the ball while it is on fire is bad.