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9.2.4 Deans

Each city and council has a Dean, this Dean will be able to assist that city or council's citizens in switching professions for the first time. You will just need to GREET  the Dean if you have questions about each profession and their skills, or you can simply ASK DEAN APPRENTICE <profession>.

Your dean can only apprentice you into a profession that matches their circle. See HELP CIRCLES for a list of what professions will match your circle.

Here is a list of each Dean for each city and council:

Dean of Kinsarmar       - The Grand Kinsarmarian Library (664)
Dean of Celidon         - Within the dark reaches of the Threshold (5908)
Grimnir, the Hanged Man - Within the Ancient Redwood (13453)
Dean of Antioch         - Srifat Square (13209)
Dean of Ithaqua         - The Confluence Forum (2804)

Having trouble locating one? Go to your city or council and PATH FIND DEAN, then PATH GO. This will take you right to your Dean.