Cult Charters - Imperian Online Help

11.2.1 Cult Charters

In order to establish a new cult, a charter needs to be created. The charter is used to describe the specifics of the cult, as well as to define its features. Refer to HELP CULTS for an explanation of these. The following commands are available:

CULT CHARTER LIST - list all existing cult charters

CULT CHARTER CREATE <name> - creates a new cult charter. This costs 5,000 gold. The name is a single word used to refer to the cult. The charter can only be altered by its creator, and is tied to his or her circle.

CULT CHARTER SHOW <name> - displays information about a cult charter. The creator of the charter can see more details than other people.

CULT CHARTER SIGN <name> - sign a cult charter. Six signatures are needed before the charter may be submitted.

CULT CHARTER UNSIGN <name> - removes your signature from a cult charter.

CULT CHARTER DESCRIPTION <name> - used to write a description of the charter. The description should explain the ideal or concept that the cult is focusing on, as well as any other specifics that are important for its creation.

CULT CHARTER SET <name> NAME <new name> - allows to rename the cult.

CULT CHARTER SET <name> FULLNAME <full name> - set a full name of the cult. The words "the Cult of" are automatically added to the beginning.

CULT CHARTER SET <name> ALTARROOM <description> - sets a description of the cult altar, displayed in the room text.

CULT CHARTER SET <name> ALTARDESC <description> - sets a description of the cult altar, when looked at or probed.

CULT CHARTER SET <name> LOCATION HERE - sets the desired location of the cult altar. The location can only be set in rooms where a source of the energy matching your circle can be found. The POWERNODES ability in Perception can be used to locate the presence of these.

CULT CHARTER DELETE <name> - deletes an undesirable charter. Only the charter creator may do this.

CULT CHARTER SUBMIT <name> - submits a finished charter for approval. A charter must be signed by at least 6 people, not counting the creator, before it may be submitted. Submitting a charter costs 1,000,000 gold.

After a charter has been submitted, it is reviewed by the administration and either approved or rejected. If rejected, you can either fix the issue with it and re-submit, or delete it to receive the gold back. The fee is not charged again for re-submitting.