THE HOLY CRUSADERS - Imperian Online Help


Formed in the year of 661 AD, the Crusaders were born from the merging of the Clerics and the Justicars. These two founding guilds united as one to work together to purify Aetherius of the taint. The Crusaders call upon the holy power of the gods to lead them in their fight against those who practice foul magicks.

Although many choose to fight the taint with their swords and maces, missionary work is just as vital to achieving the goals of the guild. Spreading the word and belief of the divine, as well as showing their strength by healing the sick and defending the weak.

Crusaders will find an unique mix of skills available to them. They can choose to do battle with steel, swords, and shields, with a trusty falcon by their side or choose to work with spiritual maces and holy seraphs. With their devotion to purity and to the Gods, they also wreak fearsome and wondrous miracles that ensnare their foes and guard the faithful.

The Antiochian Protectorate will forever be home to these faithful Crusaders, where they will strive to protect their home from the spread of evil and dangerous foes.