Cooking Approval Rules - Imperian Online Help

20.4.4 Cooking Approval Rules

Cooking rules are, by necessity, somewhat different than other          
tradeskill rules. Cooked items are meant to be consumed, after all!     

I. Cooking designs must use organic materials that can be found in      

II. You MAY describe a dish, bowl, plate or other serving implements in 
the design.                                                             

III. Unlike in other tradeskills, written words in the design are       
acceptable in Cooking.                                                  
Example: The rim of the ceramic dish holding this poached fish reads    
"Salmon Surprise".                                                      

IV. Eaten messages may be assigned to your item. You may have up to     
THREE messages total, however you need not use all of them, or any of   
them if you prefer not to. If you DO choose to use eaten messages,      
remember that you must have a matching "room view" for every "person    
view" that you describe (so if you fill in 1P, you must also fill in    

V. Eaten messages cannot dictate whether the person eating the food will
enjoy it.                                                               

VI. Cooking items don't need to match the recipe exactly which they are 
modeled on, but they should be close.                                   

V. Drinks are not crafted in cooking. A separate tradeskill, Libations, exists for this purpose.

A note on eating messages:

Eating messages are a crucial part of successful recipes. If you choose 
to utilize this aspect of your cooking permit, be sure you have a       
thorough understanding of their use and triple-check their accuracy     
before you submit your recipe, as they are the most likely place for    
error. Please review HELP SCRIPTING for more information on the         
technical aspects of them.                                              

Note that any 'forced' actions placed in eating messages should be ruled
by common sense. If the food is messy, it is likely the individual      
eating it will need to wipe up. It is less likely that everyone eating  
your chocolate will have a pocket they can stuff the wrapper in, or that
they'd even choose to do so. Keep your forced actions to a sensible