CITY POLLS - Imperian Online Help


Polls are the mechanism by which cities and councils affect changes to their
organisation's structure.

To see what polls are currently active in your city or council, use:

  POLLS      or

To view more information about a specific poll, use:

  POLL <poll> SUMMARY or
  POLL <poll>

To vote in a poll, use:


Polls typically last for 50 days. At the end of the 50 days, should the number
of 'Yes' votes be greater than the number of 'No' votes, the change proposed in
the poll will be automatically executed. In the case of a tie, or should the
proposal be unapproved, the poll will remain in a non-voting "expiration" state
for another 50 days, during which time a duplicate poll cannot be proposed.

Polls are proposed by members of the Ruling Council of the city or forest

The types of proposals that can be created are:

  HELP 10.9.1  Proposals for adding and removing powers from positions
  HELP 10.9.2  Proposals for creating and deleting city positions
  HELP 10.9.3  Proposals for renaming city positions
  HELP 10.9.4  Proposals for changing position election methods
  HELP 10.9.5  Proposals for changing the permissions to create polls
  HELP 10.9.6  Proposals for changing position eligibility requirements
  HELP 10.9.7  Proposals for changing positional operating budgets