Changing the Operating Budget of a Position - Imperian Online Help

10.9.7 Changing the Operating Budget of a Position

Ministries have operating budgets associated with them. It is important that
specific ministries be associated with relevant budgets. 

Ministers are able to view the available funds in the budget that their
ministry is associated with, and in the case of positions with the
'citywithdraw' power, allowed to withdraw funds from that budget.

The various budgets are:
  Ambassador  - Funds generally allocated to helping the newbies
                of a city/council.
  War         - Funds used to maintain the military strength of
                a city/council. (Not currently used)
  Security    - The funds to hire new guards are automatically 
                drawn from this budget.
  Treasurer   - Used to allocate funds to other budgets.
  Steward     - Stores the bulk of the cities gold. Can be
                allocated into the treasury.
  Trade       - Used automatically for the buying/selling of
                city commodities.
  Chancellor  - Used automatically to collect shop taxes, pay
                shop protection costs, and to retitle/edit
                shops and stockrooms.
  Culture     - Funds used to uphold the morale of the city.
  Development - Used automatically to fund the creation of
                exit proposals.

To change the operating budget of a position:

  PROPOSE BUDGET OF <position> OF <org> AS <new budget>