Changing Position Appointment Methods - Imperian Online Help

10.9.4 Changing Position Appointment Methods

Cities/councils may change the methods by which people are appointed/elected to
various positions within the government.

To create a poll to change the appointment method of a set of positions, use:

  PROPOSE APPOINTMENT OF <position type> OF <org> AS <election type>

Valid position types are:

Valid election types are:
  cityleader appointment - The cityleader uses the APPOINT command to 
                           appoint people to the position.
  citycouncil majority   - The citycouncil members must use the
                           SUPPORT command. Once a single person has
                           received support from a majority of the council,
                           he/she receives the position.
  minister majority      - Just like a council majority, this also counts
                           the support of ministers in addition to the
                           support of the council.
  general election       - The position will be open to being contested
                           and an election will be created. See
                           HELP CONTESTS.