CAPTURE THE FLAG - Imperian Online Help


Capture the Flag is a game that pits cities against each other. Upon starting,
seven flags will be dropped about the land, emblazoned with the symbol of the
Boar. You must bring the flags to a valid flag spot, plant them, and then 
defend them. For every second that a flag that was planted by a member of your 
city is there, your city gains a point. Only one flag may be planted per
plantable location.

During a Capture the Flag event, no one will lose xp from a kill that is
credited to another player. Further, no one will gain xp from player-killing.
City defences and forest defences will also be off.

Flags will disappear if taken inside, to the Skies or Above the Skies, onto
another continent or plane, into a city or a council, into a guildhall or a
house, if held by a mobile or any container, if your elevation changes due to flying or if held by a graced person.

  - Shows you the status of the current or latest Capture the Flag game.

  - Shows you the current location of the flags.

  - Shows you a list of the spots a flag can currently be planted in.
  - A flag spot only lasts for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed,
    a new location will randomly be chosen, and any flag currently placed
    will be moved.

  - Plants a flag in one of the above locations. You must spend 6 seconds doing
    nothing but planting.

  - Uproots a flag. You must spend 6 seconds doing nothing but uprooting.


     Restoration Fountain
     - Cures all afflictions when its sparkling waters are drunk from.
     - Can be used as often as desired.

     Healing Fountain
     - When drunk from, heals all health and mana, and restores reserves.
     - Can be used once a day.

     Foreman Rozri
     - The Foreman's expertise increases the rate of towne material production by 20%
     - Decreases balance cost of refine by 50%

     Lunar Pylon 
     - Grants one of three beneficial lunar auras when walked through.
     - PASS THROUGH PYLON to gain an aura.
     - Auras will last until midnight each night, when a new one can be
     - HELP AURAS will provide a bit more info about the effects of the auras.