BUTTERFLIES - Imperian Online Help


As you explore Imperian, you will notice a variety of butterflies flitting to and fro. Though you could easily kill them, it is not something to be proud of. You will gain more from live butterflies.

There are two people living on Aetherius that will do anything to save the butterflies. In Urr Grove (at the Portals go OUT), there is a man named Haren who researches them. Lyrinan, the Mendicant resides in the Egeria Forest and studies butterflies in honor of his lost friend, Mariposa. As a little reward for your kindness, both will pay you some gold. To collect the butterflies alive, you need a butterfly net.

Simply GREET LYRINAN or HAREN to get a butterfly net. After you've gotten one, WIELD NET, find a butterfly, and CATCH BUTTERFLY. If it's difficult, keep trying! Practice makes better!

Once you have a good number of butterflies, go back to either the refugee camp or Urr Grove and GIVE NET TO LYRINAN or GIVE NET TO HAREN.

There are currently several variety of butterflies in Imperian, ranging from most common to rarest, each of different value to Lyrinan or Haren.                                                                  

A list of some that can be found, though this is not exhaustive:
red admiral butterfly
white pearl butterfly
indigo nightfire butterfly
glitterlight butterfly
golden emperor butterfly
velvety black nighthawk butterfly
summerstorm butterfly
a swallowtail butterfly
a spotted cobalt butterfly
a crimson swallowtail butterfly
a catseye butterfly