Blighted Hollow - Imperian Online Help

12.14.2 Blighted Hollow

In the year 460 AD, a terrible blight was unleashed upon the world by   
the goddess of plague and ruin, Anathema. As the blight spread, it      
leeched all life from its surroundings, killing the flora and bringing  
about much sickness to those that breathed its overwhelming foulness. As
time progressed, the mortals of the world thought they had cured the    
blight, banishing it completely from the realm. They were wrong. One    
small area near the Dardanic Grasslands was left untreated, and though  
the blight was contained to an incredibly tiny region of the surface, it
slowly seeped into the ground, contaminating all life as it continued   
its subterranean progression. The bugs, worms and insects that subsisted
on the roots and substance of the earth itself began to change.         

In a short span of time, some evolved into much larger instances of     
themselves, while others mutated into other creatures entirely, thriving
on the unpredictable nature of the blight. Even now, the blight         
continues to spread its slowly leeching sickness just below the surface,
expanding and mutating all flora and fauna in its wake.