BALANCE OF POWER - Imperian Online Help


Balance of Power is an event in which you take on the persona of one of
history's Legends. These Legends are from Imperian's rich histories. When a
Balance of Power is announced, you will be able to become one of the following
Legends. The syntax is: JOIN BOP <arena>. You will be automatically assigned
an unused Legend that you will play during the event.

The Legends are:

IK'TARU, tribal leader
YAKSHA, Prophet of Peace
AYVA, Prophetess of Light
KALIKA Aisling, Founder of Stavenn
Stavennite General, CZEVAK
Elder NATHARIEL, Caananite Defender
IKTOV Sholet, Ruler of Caanae
ZANGRILLA Sylvia, Academic Herbalist
IBA Ebven, the Sculptor
High Councilman, GAUTIER Lajos
AYASHA Gazali, Magick-user
VALENCIA Pyralis, Founder of the Wytchen
Aetherian Explorer, JADEN Magnar
Elder of Kinsarmar, ILOM Marcell
MISAE Jerica, Governer of Kinsarmar
Stavennite Refugee, GELOR Antioch
ARGENTINUS Damaun, Demon Slayer
Governer of the Eastern Foothills, FERLERN Batrisi
ASA Grady, Protector of Stavenn
ANOKI Fauve, the Traitor

Upon becoming a Legend, you will be deposited into the Coliseum. Once the
Balance of Power has been started, you must try to slay the other Legends,
to become the last one standing. The abilities you will have are as follows:

  - Syntax: HEAL
  - Heals some health.

  - Syntax: MEDITATE
  - Heals mana.

  - Syntax: SHOOT <player> <direction>
  - Inflicts damage.

  - TOUCH WEB <target>
  - Webs someone. Unlike normal web tattoo, it does use mana.
  - WRITHE to unweb yourself.

  - Puts up a translucent shield around you. Uses mana, unlike normally.

  - TOUCH HAMMER <target>
  - Destroys someone's translucent shield. Uses mana, unlike normally.

  - POINT WAND <target>
  - Does more damage than the flame bow.

In addition, you will find that you have the skills of Perception and Survival 
to do with as you please.

Note that in Balance of Power, almost every action aside from moving and
writhing will cost something. You will lose a second of equilibrium for trying
to target someone with your lightning wand or flame bow whom you can't hit.
Using them successfully takes mana and equilibrium. Even the tattoos use up
mana. Essentially, the idea is that you have to much more carefully manage your
health and mana than in normal combat, because while you're healing your mana
or health, that's all you can do. You can't drink vials of health or mana
elixir to heal while also attacking, or while also putting up a translucent