Avatar Challenge - Imperian Online Help

17.21 Avatar Challenge

The Avatar Challenge is a timed game played outside of the Arena. While the
game is being initalised or has already started, players may JOIN AVATAR

This will allow you to take the form of an Avatar, boosting all of your skills
up to Transcendent, setting all of your racial statistics to 18, and giving you
level 99.

Once the game has been officially started, you must go out and attempt to kill
other Avatars. All Avatars start with one point. When you kill an Avatar that
has one or more points, you will take a point from that Avatar, and that Avatar
will lose one point. If the Avatar that you kill does not have any points, you
will not gain anything. You will not gain points for killing anybody in the
same guild, city, order, village, or family as you. You will not be able to
anybody who is not also an Avatar.

You will not lose experience if you die as an Avatar, you will instead be moved
to "Ancient Remains of a Cracked Dais", given temporary Grace of the Gods, and
restored fully in health and body. 

You will not use up these things while you are an Avatar:
Sips/Applications of Vials
Toxin Applications
Grove Sunlight
Tarot Cards

Relevant Commands:
AVATARSCORE          : See your current score in the game
AVATARSCORE <avatar> : See the score of another avatar in the game
AVATARWHO            : See a list of people playing in the Avatar Challenge