Autocuring - Imperian Online Help

19.5 Autocuring

Imperian offers an automated curing feature which allows you to regain lost health and cure afflictions with no client-side intervention, as long as you possess the necessary curing items.

The feature is controlled using the AUTOCURING command. The command is separated from the usual processing - it is not blocked by any afflictions and it does not cancel any ongoing activities either.

The following options can be provided:

AUTOCURING STATUS - displays the current status of automatic curing, as well as which features are currently enabled

AUTOCURING ON - activates automated curing. By default, it will only attempt to regain health and mana - you need to activate the remaining functionality if desired.

AUTOCURING OFF - deactivates automated curing - no commands will be sent by it at all.

AUTOCURING HEALTH <percent> - health percentage under which health elixirs are used.

AUTOCURING MANA <percent> - mana percentage under which mana elixirs are used.

AUTOCURING TOADSTOOL <percent> - health/mana percentage under which toadstool is used.

AUTOCURING PRIORITY HEALTH|MANA - prioritizes health or mana if both are needed.

AUTOCURING AFFLICTIONS ON|OFF - enables or disables automated affliction curing using herbs, salves, pipes, and other curing commands. The queue (see below) will still be used even if this option is disabled.

AUTOCURING FOCUS ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic usage of the Focusing ability in Survival. This will only have effect if you possess the ability.

AUTOCURING PURGE ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic usage of the Purge Blood ability. This will only have effect if you are at the Transcendent rank in Antidotes.

AUTOCURING TREE ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic usage of the tree tattoo. This will only have effect if you have a tree tattoo.

AUTOCURING DEFENCES ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic usage of common defences. Profession-specific defences are NOT included. The mass and rebounding defences are controlled separately.

AUTOCURING MASS ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic re-applying of the mass salve.

AUTOCURING REBOUNDING ON|OFF - enables or disables automatic usage of the rebounding aura.

*IMPORTANT:* there is no warning provided if you are lacking any important curing items. It is up to you that you are well stocked with anything that you may need.

Affliction priorities

Autocuring allows you to customize the order in which affliction curing is attempted. Changing this order does not override other checks - if you are unable to cure a higher priority affliction for any reason, it will still attempt to cure lower priority ones if it can. There are 20 priorities, #1 being the highest and #20 the lowest one. By default, only 10 priorities are used.

AUTOCURING PRIORITY LIST - lists your current priorities

AUTOCURING PRIORITY RESET - resets all priorities back to defaults

AUTOCURING PRIORITY <affliction> <1-20 or OFF> - sets an affliction to the specified priority, or disables its curing

AUTOCURING PRIORITY MOVE <1-20 or OFF> <1-20 or OFF> - moves all afflictions from one priority to another

AUTOCURING PRIORITY <affliction> RESET - reset the priority of a single affliction back to default

Defence priorities

Like afflictions, defences can also be prioritised. Defences assigned to a priority level are always attempted *after* attempting to cure afflictions at the same level, but before attempting to cure lower-level afflictions. Like with afflictions, changing priorities does not override other checks. Not all defences can have their priority altered.

AUTOCURING PRIORITY DEFENCES - lists your current defence priorities

AUTOCURING PRIORITY DEFENCES RESET - resets your defence priorities to their default values

AUTOCURING PRIORITY DEFENCE <name> <1-20> - sets a defence to the specified priority

Storing priority lists

Over time, you may end up using several different curing priority lists, to best adopt to any situation. Autocuring can aid you with this by letting you to store your defined lists and to quickly swap between them.

AUTOCURING GROUP LIST - lists your stored priority groups

AUTOCURING GROUP SAVE <name> - saves your current affliction priorities

AUTOCURING GROUP LOAD <name> - loads your current affliction priorities, voerwriting your current ones

AUTOCURING GROUP DELETe <name> - deletes a saved priorities group

Affliction queue

While the fully automated version is designed to be adequate for most uses, you may eventually want to customize the behavior of the curing feature to better suit your fighting style or the situation. The queue allows you to decide which curatives to use and when to use them, while leaving the gritty details of balance management to the server.

AUTOCURING QUEUE ADD <cure> - The specified cure will be added to the queue.

AUTOCURING QUEUE INSERT <pos> <cure> - The specified cure will be inserted to the queue at the specified position.

AUTOCURING QUEUE REMOVE <cure> - The specified cure will be removed from the queue, if possible.

AUTOCURING QUEUE CLEAR - Clears the curing queue.

Cures in the queue always take priority over any default actions that the autocuring would be doing, and they are always applied when possible, as long as the curing hasn't been disabled using AUTOCURING OFF. 

The queue is not linear - if the first queued cure cannot be used, but the second one can, then the second one will end up being used first. This usually only happens when the two cures require a different balance, or if you run out of the first one.