Assassinations - Imperian Online Help

13.13 Assassinations

Killing people for money is a common occurrence in the cut-throat world of Imperian. Should you need to hire a professional killer to clean up your messes, there is a formal way to do so.                            

First you must locate a member of the underground assassin community. Once you have done this you will need to know the following commands. You will find these men wandering in the cities of the world.           

The assassin will let you know the minimum cost a certain player will cost to have killed. This price will be as low as 10,000, to as high as 50,000 gold. The price is based on the difficulty of the target, and his or her rank in political organizations.                                        

ASSASSIN HIRE HIT ON <player> FOR <gold> GOLD <reason>
Using this command will cause you to give the gold to the assassin required to have the hit done. The organization will then pay the first assassin who kills your target. You must supply a valid reason, as our administration will have access to this info. If it is not valid, you may suffer the consequences. The amount of gold offered for the hit must be more then the minimum indicated in ASSASSIN COST <player>.

This command will let you know what jobs are currently available for you.                                                                    

This command will assign you an assassination job on that player. You can only be assigned assassination jobs on players listed from the command above. More than one player can be assigned the same target at once, so you will want to kill them first in order to be rewarded.      

Forget your hit or who you have hired? Use this command to remember.

Reject a job that you have been assigned by the assassins. Be warned that you risk the anger of the organization by doing so.                

If you have a hit on someone and wish to remove it, you can do so, but the assassins will only return half your gold.

If you participate in the optional assassination system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a contract and then attack or kill another character, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.