Artifact Perks - Imperian Online Help

23.1.5 Artifact Perks

Artifact perks for high-level players allow you to purchase a bonus for an artifact that you already own. Artifact perks are available for the following artifacts (and associated perk names):

  Saboteur's Bone (BONE)
   - Allows you to use the WORM SOURCES command to see all wormholes in the
     local area.

  Cloak of Obfuscate (OBFUSCATE)
   - The SHROUD defense offered by this cloak will never wear off.

  Gem of Transmutation (TRANSMUTATION)
   - Allows you to change race twice per Imperian month (twice per RL day).

  Gloves of Harvesting (HARVESTING)
   - Grants you an additional 50% to your maximum harvest amount per 24-hour

  Caravan Crop Level 2 (CROP)
   - Plunder caravans even faster

  Caravan Crop Level 3 (CROP)
   - Plunder caravans even faster

  Smoked Glass Pipet (PIPET)
   - Toxin preserving takes 33% of the normal preserving time.

Artifact perks are not refundable in any way. If you trade-in an artifact that you have upgraded, you will still keep the artifact perk, and it will be completely usable if you ever decide to purchase that artifact again in the future.

Use ASPECT PURCHASE ARTIFACT PERK <artifact name> [CONFIRM] to make the purchase.