Armour Artifacts - Imperian Online Help

24.3.6 Armour Artifacts

We currently have only basic armour artifacts. All items will reset to your
inventory and will not decay over time. Be sure to read HELP ARMOUR and do not
purchase armour that your class cannot wear.

Armour Type         Cut/Blunt     Cost
Leather             35/35         400 Credits
Ringmail            45/45         500 Credits
Scalemail           55/55         600 Credits
Chainmail           65/65         700 Credits
Splintmail          75/75         800 Credits
Fieldplate          85/85         900 Credits

In addition to these artifact armour types, a special morphing version of artifact armour can be purchased:

Quicksilver Armour - 1500 Credits
  - This armour will automatically morph into the armour that best suits
    your current profession. No need to ever buy armour again.