ANSHERI - Imperian Online Help


After the disarray that came with the end of the Ilaferi at the hands of the
weak, a small tribe of Amazonian women observed the follies of the elder tribe
and wandered off to find their home in the frozen Pines of Ithaqua. With time,
they came together as a tribe and named themselves the Ansheri, a term of old
for a noble and respectable woman.
An Ansheri is a huntress, desiring the close kinship with their sisters over
the frivolities of life. Courage, strength, honesty, and intelligence are what
make the Ansheri what they are. They are women of excellence - holding
themselves to higher standards so that they might live as examples for all
women. Those things along with their fierce determination and guidance of their
Keh'ulani spirits will help them push forward to a strong future.
Magick, demons, and weakness are their enemies - using whatever abilities and
strength they possess to see to their end. They rely on each other more then
anything else, seeking to strengthen each other and push the bonds between them
all to be deeper than the ties of any bloodline. They welcome any woman to try
their hand at becoming one of their blood-bound sisters, but be warned - those
that find themselves lacking will quickly find that the Ansheri have no qualms
about tossing one not worthy to the wolves.