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12.6.13 Aisling Hills

The Aisling Hills are gently sloped hillsides covered with lush grasses, trees, and shrubs that is accessible only through a tunneled passage from the Lost Forest nestled beside it. High above the rolling hills rests Storm Peaks, the thunderous clouds from above causing strange occurrences which the inhabitants of the hills try to ignore.    

A small outpost of tanari has been hidden within the southern hills, slowly trying to increase their numbers before they attempt to build a more permanent settlement. Just recently, a group of xiur have discovered their small outpost and began to attack them, setting up base on the other side of the hills.

The battle has left the lush grass scorched and burnt, and broken bodies of soldiers lie in pieces across the ground. The hillside was named after the Prophet of Aesir, and while the current ongoing battle seems to dutifully reflect on its namesake, one would wonder if the end of the war will ever be in sight - and what will be left of the hillside once it is finally over.