Adding Eligibility Requirements to a Position - Imperian Online Help

10.9.6 Adding Eligibility Requirements to a Position

Cities/councils can set eligibility requirements on positions, basically
meaning that anybody who is considered for a position must first meet a set of

These requirements must be met before someone can be appointed to, supported
for, or able to contest for a position.


  PROPOSE ADDITION OF ELIGIBILITY <requirement> TO <position> OF <org>
  PROPOSE REMOVAL OF ELIGIBILITY <requirement> FROM <position> OF <org>

Valid requirements:

  memberof <org> - Only members of a certain organisation are eligible for
                   a position. This allows for the creation of monarchies, etc.
  cityrank <#>   - Only citizens with a certain cityrank or higher.
  position <pos> - Only citizens that hold a certain position. By default,
                   only members of the Ruling Council are eligible for