YOUR CHARACTER - Aetolia Online Help


4.1  Names            What kind of names are acceptable in Aetolia?
   4.2  NameChange       The rules for changing your character's name.
   4.3  Races            The mortal races of Aetolia.
     4.3.1  Racial Skills Descriptions and commands for the racial skills.
     4.3.2  Statpacks     Customise your characters stats.
     4.3.3  Atavian       Avian cousins to the human.
     4.3.4  Dwarf         The stout, bearded folk.
     4.3.5  Grecht        The mystical ice-dwellers.
     4.3.6  Grook         Intelligent amphibious creatures.
     4.3.7  Horkval       Fearsome, chitinous bug monsters.
     4.3.8  Human         The common man.        
     4.3.9  Imp           Khepri's mischevious creations.
     4.3.10 Kelki         The proud oceanic race.  
     4.3.11 Mhun          Astute, agile cave-dwellers.
     4.3.12 Rajamala      Sentient felines of the forest.
     4.3.13 Troll         Powerful, slow-minded humanoids.
     4.3.14 Tsol\'aa       Reclusive, thoughtful forest men.
     4.3.15 Xoran         Large, desert-born serpent-men.
     4.3.16 Maggot        Kill it!
   4.4  Score          See general information about your character.
   4.5  Status         Additional information about your character.
   4.6  Descriptions   Personalizing your description.
   4.7  Titles         How to get a title added to your name.
   4.8  Honors         View publicly known information about others.
   4.9  Unity          One plus one equals one.
     4.9.1  Engagement    Taking the big step towards the big step.
     4.9.2  Marriage      Tie the knot. 
   4.10 Equilibrium    Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
   4.11 Prompt         Changing your prompt to display more info.
   4.12 Defences       See a list of defences currently affecting you.
   4.13 Learning       Learning your skills.
   4.14 Teaching       Teaching skills to others.
   4.15 Lessons        How to gain more lessons to learn with.
   4.16 Skills         The skillsets that you have.
      4.16.1  ForgetSkills  Forget a skillset you have learned.
      4.16.2  SkillRanks    A list of all the skill ranks.
      4.16.3  SkillSystem   An explanation of Aetolia's skill system.
   4.18 Exploration    Learn about the Fellowship of Explorers.
   4.19 History        Compose a background for your character.
   4.20 RolePlay       Making your character a part of the world.
      4.20.1  Role           Formulating and establishing your role.
      4.20.2  Interaction    The many ways you can play your role.
      4.20.3  GoodRP         More questions about good roleplaying.
   4.21 Language       The languages that exist in Aetolia.
   4.22 Reincarnation  How to change your race or statpack choice.