A sample output of WARSTATUS is as follows:

Military status of Enorian for the month of Variach:

Budget: 496700 gold
   Occupied   : 2101     Capturing: 0
   Gained     : 0        Lost     : 0
   Troops     : 33       Maximum  : 24
   Guards     : 614
   Slew       : 0        Lost     : 0
   Conscripted: 0        Maximum  : 50

Budget shows the funds in the Ministry of War

Under the Territory heading, Occupied is how many total occupied        
territories you have. Capturing is how many you are currently capturing.
Gained is how many you have captured that month. Lost is how many you   
have lost that month.                                                   

Under the Troops heading, Fielded is how many you have in the field,    
slew is how many your forces have slain so far this month, and lost is  
how many you have lost this month.                                      

Under the Conscription heading, Conscripted is the number of soldiers
and guards conscripted into service that month. Maximum is the maximum  
number of conscripts you can draw this month, and is based roughly on   
the size and activity of the city.