UNDEAD SKILLS - Aetolia Online Help


The Archivists Geometrics     Learn the shapes and rituals of power.  Numerology     Study and contemplate numbers of power. Bioessence     The mortal frame holds no mysteries for you.

The Indorani  Necromancy     Dabble in the dark arts and master Death. Tarot          Inscribe inks upon magical cards of power.  Domination     Dominate Chaos entities to do your bidding.

The Carnifex Deathlore      Harness the power of souls for your own purpose. Savagery       Wield a warhammer, polearm or use your fists. Warhounds      Tame, train and call hounds to your side in battle.

The Sciomancers Sciomancy      Elemental fury, laced with Shadow. Crystalism     Spin crystals for deadly sonic vibrations. Enchantment    Create items through mystical rituals.

The Syssin Assassination  Use of poisons and potent killing methods. Subterfuge     A diverse skill of shadow and espionage. Hypnosis       Seal and suggest the mind unknowingly.

The Teradrim Animation      Create and control powerful golems. Terramancy     Destruction and dominance beneath a mighty flail. Desiccation    Cover the earth in empowered sand.

The Praenomen (Vampires)  Corpus         Control and master your undead body.  Mentis         Whisper words of insanity to your victims. Sanguis        Use your Blood gift for various means.

The Shapeshifters (No Guild)  Lycanthropy    Transform into a ferocious were-beast.  Howling        Howl both curing and devastating effects.  Ferality       Dig into your enemies with tooth and claw.