Tydeus, the Parity - Aetolia Online Help

11.1.3 Tydeus, the Parity

The being known as Tydeus, calling Himself "the Parity", is quite a unique
creature. Though immortal, Tydeus does not particularly care about Divine
politics, nor does He have any established mortal following, and indeed tends
to ignore both other Gods and mortals as a matter of course. Apparently
slightly obsessed with the workings of Creation, Tydeus spends most of His time
examining the flows of reality in the world and directing them as He sees fit.
Entirely uninterested in the conflicts between different mortal factions,
Tydeus is content provided that a universal balance is kept, and the
equilibrium of the world as a whole is maintained.

There is no known temple to Tydeus, nor does He appear to have any shrines. If
He could be said to have any particular symbol, it would be that of the strange
obsidian gloves He wears to protect normal reality from His altering touch.