The TOPGUILDS command - Aetolia Online Help

8.7.8 The TOPGUILDS command

Using this command will show you a list of all of Aetolia's guilds      
ranked top to bottom by their "Member Score." You'll also find a guild's
"Novice Score" listed here. You'll find explanations of what these mean 

We provide this ranked list to let guilds know how they're doing in     
relation to other guilds.                                               

Member Score

Contrary to what you may initially think, the member score is not how   
many members are in the guild or how many members were on today. It's   
simply a number calculated from a formula that analyzes the level of    
guild activity the previous day. Generally, the higher the score, the   
more members and more active members a guild had the previous day, but  
there is not a one to one correspondence with any single factor. Guilds 
should strive to have a high score on topguilds, as a high score is a   
pretty good indicator of overall strength and success.                  

This score does not include guild novices.

Novice Score

The Novice score is the same as the member score, but for guild novices.