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8.10.2 The Imperial Dominion of the Consanguine

In the 383rd year of the Midnight Age, the Primus made his long awaited, or perhaps dreaded, return to the Consanguine. Unable to allow the constant weakening and diluting of his Blood, Abhorash set forth motions to purge his Gift from the unworthy, and bring stability back to his creation.

As such he fully dissolved the stagnant and pitiful hierarchy of the Imperium, and in its place established the Imperial Dominion. No more would the Bloodlines be shattered and broken, without guidance and control. No more would ineptitude take command and lead the Blood to disgrace. From the ashes of the Imperium and the remains of the once great Houses, Abhorash has broken all previous bonds and forged anew the glory of the Consanguine.

The Dominion now acts as the central collective for all Consanguine who would serve the will of the Primus. Admission is known only to those deemed worthy, but those who come under the Dominion's guidance will know greatness the likes that none have ever seen.