The Great Street of Ka-la-kai - Aetolia Online Help The Great Street of Ka-la-kai

The dream realm spans a great distance, divided into many regions. Of these, the greatest is Tecpatl's Cradle. If the Cradle is the seat of the Queendom, then the Great Street of Ka-la-kai could be said to be its capital.

In ages past, the Street was a cultural epicenter, a merchant's haven for denizens trapped within the dreamworld, and a holy road on which the Cradle's citizens would hone their minds and bodies. When the first masters of Ka-la-kai perfected the method of oneiric creation, the economy shifted to the exclusive sale and trade of diamonds, the only substance they could not generate.

Ka-la-kai has been lost to time and space, but with the emergence of the Cradle, it could very well re-enter history.