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18.10.11 Territory control

This helpfile is currently under construction, as is the system it details usage for.

The territory control system is currently in its testing phase, and may be quite buggy. This helpfile should detail how to use it. If something seems to be broken, please message Maghak or Razmael!

Silver telescopes can be purchased from the Delosian market and employed via CONSULT TELESCOPE to assess an area. This will yield an overview of the area status, and offer the vnums of the various control points that must be held for an area to be controlled.

Only areas around Hashan will be considered strategically viable during the testing period of this system. This means that areas that are not strategically viable cannot be considered controlled. This will likely change over the course of the event as things progress.

A control point is considered held if there are no enemy troops in the room, and an allied warband of any size is present. When all control points are held, the area is considered held. If the control points are not all held by a given faction, the area is considered to belong to the previous holder, but is marked as contested. If some or all points are not held at all, the area belongs to nobody.

Areas can be held by:
- the Eastern Coalition,
- the Steelhew regime,
- any of the four player cities.

Control of territory currently has no mechanical effect and is largely cosmetic and RP-focused.

Warbands are squads of troops that are invulnerable to attack by players and can only be killed by other troops.

Currently, warbands resolve orders during alternating turns at a rate of one full turn per two hours. The Steelhew regime resolves first, then one hour later, all other troops resolve. This will be altered to accomodate additional factions after testing and expansion takes place.

Orders can be issued to warbands via tell by any city council member, war minister or war aide within an allied city. The syntax is as follows:

- TELL <warband> <order>

Currently, the following factions exist:
- Troops loyal to Juxa cannot be ordered by anyone.
- Troops loyal to the Eastern Coalition can be ordered by Enorianites and Duiranites.
- Troops loyal to their respective cities can be ordered by people from that city.

Possible orders are currently:
- MARCH TO <vnum>:  An orderly march. Cannot bypass enemy troops. (10 rooms/turn)
- CHARGE AT <vnum>: A reckless charge! Can bypass enemy troops. (5 rooms/turn)
- ENTRENCH:         Construct some temporary defences or seize unmanned barricades.
- SPLIT:            Divide the warband into two halves.

For engineers:
- FORTIFY:   Construct a barricade to house your troops. (three turns)
- TRAP:      Construct a pitfall to snare charging enemy troops. (two turns)
- UNDERMINE: Begin destroying any construction in the room. (variable)

Some other, non-turn-based commands are:
- ATTACK <target>:      The warband will attempt to attack this target during combat.
- WHAT IS YOUR CLASS:   The warband will reply with the unit type.
- WHAT ARE YOUR ORDERS: The warband will reply with an order summary.

Each city has a war ledger, located in their barracks. CONSULT LEDGER (or CONSULT <item number>) will offer a list of options, and CONSULT LEDGER ABOUT <option> will offer information on troop status, recently issued orders and battles.


Morale currently has no effect on troop deployment due to the limited nature of PC/NPC combat.

There are five unit classes at this time.

Advantage: Archers.    Weakness: Heavies.

Rank and file soldiers.

Advantage: Infantry.   Weakness: Archers.

Heavy infantry, cavalry, or similar large hard-hitters like minotaurs or golems.

Advantage: Heavies.    Weakness: Infantry.

Marksmen, slingers, or anyone with a mundane ranged attack.

Advantage: All.        Weakness: Special.

Magicians, necromancers, wielders of the arcane. Channelers will lose their type advantage if they are not defended by troops from the same specific faction.

Advantage: None.       Weakness: None.

Sappers, construction workers, terramancers, or anyone with a shovel and a backbone. Engineers are largely useless in combat, but are excellent at building fortifications and pitfalls, or destroying enemy fortifications.