Teradrim Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.2.15 Teradrim Artifacts

Below are a list of artifacts that directly affect those of the Teradrim class.


a sandwalker's mark            400cr
Artifact Power: enhanced_sand

While worn, you will be able to form a sand pillar without using equilibrium, allowing you to utilize sand abilities instantaneously. In addition, allows up to 4 rooms of sand to be maintained without generating a willpower drain.

a bronze torc                  300cr
Artifact Power: enhanced_sandstorm

While worn, your sandstorm will always increase every 4 seconds, regardless of if you are standing upon sand or not. In addition, the effect of Harshen will be amplified.

a shard of the Pillars         300cr
Artifact Power: enhanced_golem

When placed on your golem's head, it will instantly bring it to level 100, and prevent it from dropping below that level. In addition, your golem will do 15% more damage. Simply GIVE it to your golem to make it work.