Syssin Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.2.13 Syssin Artifacts

Below are a list of artifacts that directly affect those of the Syssin class.


Fangs of corrosion                600cr
Artifact Property: corrosion
Chemically reacts with the sumac and camus venoms secreted from a serpent's bite, enhancing the damage potential of those venoms.

A Syssin's shiny charm            700cr
Artifact Property: charm
Allows one to SNAP another player and activate hypnosis from phase.

A tuning fork                     300cr
Artifact Property: phaselock
Doubles the length your victims will stay in phase for after you abduct them.

Bows                         350-1400cr
                          DAMAGE  PENET   COST
Bows of the Hunt            21      35     350cr  (7%)
Darkbow of the Hunt         23      37     700cr  (14%)
Lupine Bow of the Hunt      26      38    1400cr (21.5%)

Note: Percentages are the speed increase compared to a darkbow.


a set of fang caps          300cr
Artifact Power: fast_milk

This artifact will halve the balance loss from milking venoms.

an impassable gorget         75cr
Artifact Power: durable_walls

This artifact will triple the length that icewalls, firewalls, thornwalls and lightwalls will stay in existence for before naturally expiring.