Shops - Aetolia Online Help

6.18 Shops

Once you've made some money, it will undoubtedly be burning a hole in   
your pocket, and you'll want to invest it in clothing or a backpack, or 
curatives, or any other of the staples of an adventurer.                

In your meanderings through the cities and villages of Aetolia, you will
find that many fine merchants inhabit the land. When in a location that 
looks as if it may be a shop (the Medina in Enorian, or the Grand       
Hallway in Spinesreach, for instance), WARES will tell you if it is. If 
it is a shop, it will also show you whom the proprietor of the shop is, 
and what is for sale.                                                   

Sample WARES output:

Proprietor: Lady Asteria, Watcher of the Heavens.

[Inspired jewelry]
 bracelet34273 a thin black leather cuff bracelet            1    500gp
     ring56025 a brilliantly clear diamond wedding ring      2   5000gp
  earring59584 a dangling amber inclusion earring            3   1000gp

The text within the brackets is a custom header that usually details    
what type of items are being sold on that shelf in the shop. The first  
column tells you what type of item it is and the following column gives 
you a description of the item. The third tells you how many items of    
that type are in stock and the fourth tells you how many gold sovereigns
the item will cost.                                                     

BUY bracelet34273, for example, would purchase a thin black leather cuff
bracelet. BUY 3 EARRING would purchase 3 of the dangling amber inclusion
earrings, as long as you have sufficient gold in your hands.

Note: Several tradeskills were given new, hidden aliases to allow you to
search by then. You can WARES one of these: _TAILORING, _JEWELCRAFTING,