Shopkeeping - Aetolia Online Help

6.18.2 Shopkeeping

In order to purchase a shop, you must find someone willing to sell you  
one. In order to do this, you could either go to various player-owned   
shops in the major cities or Esterport, and then type WARES. If the shop is 
closed, then contact the city government about buying it from them. In  
the case of Esterport, speak to Razmael about buying a closed shop, although 
these shops when closed are usually resold by auction. If the shop is   
open, then you must contact the owner of the shop to purchase it from   

To rename a shop, you can use:
This costs 5000 gold and can only be used by Esterport shop owners - city shop owners will need to speak to the Chancellor.

To redescribe a shop you can use:
This costs 10000 gold and can only be used by Esterport shop owners - city shop owners will need to speak to the Chancellor.

Once you own a shop, you may put items for sale by doing the following:

1) Drop an item on the floor of the storeroom for your shop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Items dropped on the storeroom floor will not decay. Note that you can only have 500 items in your shop at any time, priced or not. Items inside containers will not decay, but do count toward stockroom total capacity.

2) Use the PRICE command.

   Syntax: PRICE <item> <price> [SHELF <#>]

 - If you wish to price a single item, use PRICE SINGLE <item> <#>. This
   will only set that item at the price.

 - If you wish to stop selling an individual item, you may UNPRICE

 - If you wish to share your shop with your friends, you may do 
   ALLYSHOP ON while in your stockroom, in order to allow those on your
   allies list to use the PRICE command in your shop. ALLYSHOP OFF will
   reverse this.

 - When someone purchases something from your shop, the gold will be
   deposited on the floor of your storeroom. Thus, it is in your best
   interest to ensure that only you and those you trust completely have
   access to your storeroom. READLOG SHOP will also show transactions.
   You can also WRITELOG SHOP to leave notes for yourself or others.

 - Your shop will cost the city it is in money to pay for guards to 
   keep thieves and brigands out of your shop. As such, the city may
   decide to tax your shop. If you type CITY SHOP INFO while standing
   in your shop, you will be able to see what taxes you owe.

 - You may pay your taxes by typing CITY PAY SHOP TAXES while standing
   in your shop, with the gold in your hands. Only the owner of the shop
   can do this.

 - You can keep track of any shops you own by checking SHOPLIST at any

 - You may add and remove locks to the doors in your shop with SHOP ADD
   LOCK <dir> and SHOP REMOVE LOCK <dir>. Adding a lock will cost 1000

 - You may fashion a key to work on a lock in your shop with SHOP 
   LOCKWORK <key> <dir>. You can get a blank key from any locksmith
   with 1000 gold and the REQUEST KEY command. Keys purchased in this 
   manner will bear your mark.

 - You may sell your shop to another player by doing:

   SELL SHOP TO <person> FOR <x> GOLD.

   The player will be asked for confirmation, and if he has the gold, 
   the gold will be transferred to your inventory. Be sure to give the 
   new owner your keys.

   Note that both you and the person you are selling the shop to
   need to be in the shop.

 - It is -highly- recommended that you place a monolith and a 
   key sigil in your stockroom. This will prevent people from 
   portaling in (monolith) and automatically lock it when you 
   leave the stockroom (key). It is also recommended that you 
   keep an eye/firefly sigil on hand to protect against the most 
   well-hidden of thieves. HELP SIGILS for more information.