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SHELF <shelf#> NAME <name>
SHELF <shelf#> SWAP <othershelf#>.

PRICE DESIGN <design> <price> SHELF <shelf#>

Where and When
Go to your stockroom. From there you may issue the various SHELF and PRICE commands.   

Put Things On Shelves
To place an item in a shelf, simply add 'SHELF <shelf#>' to the end of any normal pricing command. For example:                                
   PRICE sword12345 5000 SHELF 2

And now that sword is on shelf #2! To take something out of a shelf, just put it in shelf #0. Shelf #0 is the place where everything goes that is not in any other shelf. It's the 'non-shelf!'                                  

Decorate Your Shelves
You have a limited number of shelves, currently 10, plus the general store, which is not exactly a shelf, but sort of. Things not in any other shelf are in the store.                                           

In order to name your shelves, do this:
  SHELF 2 NAME Great Swords!

If you don't give your shelves names, they'll have something quite unimaginative, such as SHELF 1 or SHELF 4. Yecch! Nobody will buy from you if you do this!                                                     

Crafting Shelves
Your shelf will be an ordinary shelf by default. That is, it will hold normal items sold off your stockroom floor, or commodities held in your shop cache. However, you can also turn your shelf into a -crafting- shelf, which will hold designs. You must have access to the design, and be able to craft it. Your shop must also have the necessary commodities in its cache or on the floor in order for it to be purchased.

Note: When you switch a shelf into an ordinary shelf, all items placed on it will be moved to 'shelf 0.' When the reverse happens, all priced designs will be removed.

Visibility of Shelves
Now for the fun stuff! Shelves aren't necessarily visible to everybody. Shelves can be set with various 'visibility options' as follows:        

SHELF 3 ALL                      - everyone sees this shelf
SHELF 4 ALL EXCEPT GROUP DRUIDS  - everyone but druids sees this shelf                                                                   
SHELF 6 ALL EXCEPT PERSON OMEI   - everyone but Omei sees this shelf
SHELF 2 NONE                     - nobody sees this shelf
SHELF 5 NONE EXCEPT GROUP OMEI   - only Omei order members see it
SHELF 1 NONE EXCEPT PERSON OMEI  - only Omei sees it
SHELF 7 NONE EXCEPT CODE mycode  - only people who know this code!

A Little Bit About Codes
If you want to make a shelf only visible to someone with your secret code, here is what you do. First, set up the code with the command just before this section. It would be something like PRICE SHELF 7 NONE EXCEPT CODE blahblah.                                                   

ONLY those who use the following command will see shelf 7:
  WARES CODE blahblah

In order to buy something from shelf 7 they would then need to:
  BUY <thing> CODE blahblah

Just think of this like a secret knock, or wink, that the customer passes your shopkeep.

Comparison With Shop Policies
Shop policies affect the entire shop. If you refuse service to a person or group, that person or group can buy nothing from you, and cannot see your wares. If you give a discount, or charge a markup, it applies to all buyers. On the other hand, you can have a good number of shop policies.                                                               

Shelves each have their own visibility. Mostly, you'll just be using shelves to organize and highlight your stock, with maybe a special 'house only' shelf or two. Make a shelf for weapons and a shelf for armour, or whatever you wish. A shelf for specially-enchanted rings perhaps: use the shelves however you like!