Shop Directories - Aetolia Online Help

6.18.1 Shop Directories

A shop directory is located in each of the four main cities as well as the city of Esterport for your convenience. You can consult the directory instantly search all shops in the area at once for the item you want to buy.


While standing in front of the directory, search all the shops in the area for the specified item (one word).

DIRECTORY <item> UNDER <price>
Like above, but this command will filter results to only those items that fall under a certain price range.


You can easily locate the directory at any time by doing PATH FIND SHOPS while standing inside the city.

City         Location                                         Vnum
Bloodloch    Entering Bloodloch market district.              9190
Esterport    A wide, well-traveled square.                   53357
Duiran       A restful meeting place near stone carvings.    43851
Enorian      The Sunset Gate.                                56437
Spinesreach  Grand Hallway near shops.                       12669