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SHOPINC <item>

Shop Caches are a way of storing herbs, organs, inks and basically anything a normal cache could hold for the purpose of selling these items in your shop. Why would you use this method instead of stocking the items the normal way, you ask? The biggest and most obvious benefit is that it allows you to save stockroom space. Items in the shop cache won't count towards the 500 item limit of stockrooms. It is limited, however, to 5000 of any slice/herb/ink or 2000 of most commodities.

Shop Cache in Wares
The following is an example of how goldenseal in the shop cache will be displayed in the shop's WARES listing, followed by goldenseal stocked in the normal way:                                                         
      Goldenseal 30gp each, 25gp over 50, 20gp over 100    136    30gp
 goldenseal99020 a stack of 20 goldenseal roots             10   290gp

As you can see, there is a discount for purchasing more than 50 goldenseal in any one transaction. In order to take advantage of this, BUY 50 GOLDENSEAL would have to be entered, rather than 50 transactions of a single goldenseal root.                                                              

Stocking Your Shop Cache
The shop cache can only be accessed from the stockroom, and only by people who can run the shop (the owner and, if allowed, her allies). To access the shop cache, use these commands:                              

SHOPINC: to put things into the shop cache; works just like INC.
SHOPOUTC: to remove things from the shop cache; works just like OUTC.
SHOPINCALL: to put all things in your inventory into the shop cache; works just like INCALL.
SHOPIC: shows the contents of the shop cache.

Pricing Items in Your Shop Cache
To price items in your cache, use this syntax:
  PRICE CACHE <item> <price> [<qty>:<price> [<qty>:<price>]] [SHELF <shelf>]                                                                

This may look a little complicated but it's quite easy really. In the simplest case, you put some bloodroot into your shop cache, and want to sell it at 60gp each:                                                   

You also put some prickly ash in, which you want to sell at 15gp each from shelf 4:                                                           

You happen to have a lot of gold inks to sell and want to encourage bulk sales so you offer a bulk discount: 100gp each, or for those buying more than 20 at a time, 90gp each.                                           

While you're at it, let's get rid of all those extra sulphurite slices with two different bulk discounts: 10gp each, or 8gp each in quantities over 50, or 6gp each in quantities over 200.                            

Let's put it all together by selling moss at several prices, in shelf 4.
  PRICE CACHE MOSS 30 50:28 200:26 SHELF 4

If you do use bulk discount prices, you can have no more than two, and they must be logically arranged: the first bulk amount has to be less than the second, for instance, and the discount prices have to be lower. If there isn't enough of the item stocked to cover the bulk discount's required quantity, that discount won't be listed in WARES. Don't worry, it's still recorded, and it'll reappear once the stock levels rise enough to offer it.                                                     

You can also UNPRICE CACHE <item> to unprice the cached item so it won't be sold.                                                                

Note that all the items in the shop cache will either have no price, or one single set of prices. You can't have some of an item for sale and some reserved not for sale, nor can you have some for sale at one set of prices and some for sale at a different set of prices.                  

Price Policies and Shop Caches
Any price policies you have in effect will apply to items sold from your shop cache the same as they do to items sold from the stockroom floor. Similarly, if shelves are restricted, shop cache items will be affected by the same restrictions.                                               

If you apply a discount with a shop policy, that discount will be applied before a price is multiplied by a quantity, to avoid rounding error. For example, suppose you're buying 100 lobelia, and at that quantity, the price would be 10gp each; but you're a favored customer and you get a 6% discount. The price will be listed at 9gp each, since a 6% discount on 10gp is rounded to 9gp. Buying 100 will thus cost 900gp. (It won't end up costing 940gp, which is what you'd get if you multiplied the 10gp price by the 100 quantity before applying the 6% discount.)                                                              

Crafting Shelves
Any designs placed on a crafting shelf will look to the shop cache -after- trying to find the required commodities on the stockroom floor. This means if you wish to sell commodities -and- run a busy crafting shelf or two, you'd be better off selling the commodities inside your shop cache, rather than the ones on your floor (though preferably you'd both sell and craft from the cache).