Sentinel Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.2.11 Sentinel Artifacts

Below are a list of artifacts that directly affect those of the Sentinel class.


A rune of empowerment         200-800cr
Artifact Property: statboost
Boosts your weapon's stats by 6 points per level of the rune.

           Cost      Points
Level 1    200cr    +6
Level 2    400cr    +12
Level 3    800cr    +18

*NOTE* Does not improve the balance of your Dhuriv skills.
Refer to HELP ARTIFACTS weapons for more information and notes.


A huntsman's pouch                300cr
Artifact Property: animal_treats
Causes your woodlore animals to have no delay in being summoned outside of a forest. It also buffs your animals to be summoned with double their normal health.