The Sciomancers - Aetolia Online Help

8.2.6 The Sciomancers

With the destruction of the Magi guild, there were those remnants who   
would band together, forming a powerful collective of Mages drawn closer
by the dissolving of their former home. Stricken of their powers over   
Water and Fire, these Sciomancers were gifted with a much darker realm
to call upon, that of the Shadow.

Through the skill of Sciomancy, these Shadow Mages harness the raw fury 
of the elements to lash Air, Earth, and Shadow into a destructive force 
of elemental might. Though not all of their abilities result in         
destruction, access to the realm of Shadow has granted them a wide      
variety of spells, the secrets of such are known only to those within   
their collective.                                                       

As their counterparts on the opposite side of the coin, the Sciomancers 
retain their control over Crystalism, using the various shapes to create
powerful vibrations within the earth. These vibrations can cause a      
multitude of adverse effects to the physical and mental aspects of their
foes. Along with Crystalism, they hold power over the secret of         
Enchantment, infusing items with the wonders of the elements.

Considering themselves enhanced rather than crippled by the loss of the 
other elements, the Sciomancers are a force to be respected and woe to  
those who would cross their path.