Rules for using a test server - Aetolia Online Help

19.14 Rules for using a test server

From time to time, we set up a mirror image of the game on an           
experimental server. This is to isolate and test major features to some 
of the underlying framework that runs Aetolia. Basically, we copy the   
entire game to a test server and invite people to try and break things  
there. Once the test session is complete, all data is wiped and you     
return to normal life in Aetolia. They are completely isolated and      
things that happen on the test server remain there (and are summarily   
wiped at the end of the test). So, if a test is announced, feel free to 
partake, generally it's a free for all there are little to no rules, but
cooperation with the test is expected.                                  

Outline of the rules:

1) The data/player files/etc is a copy and may be slightly out of date. 
     Don't complain about this please.

  2) There are no admins watching, so please, behave. Anything that 
     happens during the test is NOT a valid reason to take retribution 
     back in Aetolia proper.

  3) Any changes that take place during the test will be erased when 
     the copy is discarded. Nothing will transfer back to Aetolia.

  4) No, we won't make you a guildmaster or give you uber-skills "just
     to test". Anyone asking will likely be zapped and banned from
     further tests.

  5) The test server is generally a much slower machine, do not complain
     of lag and things like that.