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7.10.1 Refilling

Refilling is the act of moving liquid from a greater vessel to a more portable one, such as a vial, syringe, flagon, or other similar container. Refilling allows you to reuse your containers, without having to buy new ones!

  REFILL <vial/bandage/FLUIDCACHE> WITH <liquid type>
  - This command will search the shop you are in for a cask containing the type
    of liquid specified, and refill your vial with it. For the undead, this also
    works for bandages.
    (Ex: refill vial15256 with health, refill empty with analeptic)

  - This syntax is used for practitioners of Concoctions, to fill vials from a
    brewing pot they have just brewed.

  FILL <container> FROM <pot/keg>
  - You can also fill containers, such as mugs or flagons, from pots or kegs.
    Although you can, technically, use drinking glasses to hold your curative
    elixirs, they don't hold nearly as much! They are best used for drinking.

  PUT <herb> IN <pipe>
  - Fill a pipe with an herb, for smoking. If the pipe already contains an herb,
    you must first EMPTY it.

  SIPHON <tincture> INTO <syringe>
  - Fill a syringe with a curative tincture. If the syringe already contains a
    tincture, you must first EMPTY it.

  FILL <keg> from STILL
  - For brewers. Fill a keg from a brewing still.

Listed here are the ways empty containers can be referenced. Note that these work not only for refilling but for any other command pertaining to the container as well (Ex: INFO INV EMPTYVIAL will show all empty vials you are carrying).

   Vial    --> vial, empty, emptyvial, artivial
   Bandage --> bandage, empty, clean
   Pipe    --> pipe, empty, emptypipe, empty_pipe, empty pipe
   Syringe --> syringe, empty, empty syringe
   Keg     --> keg, empty

   Glass, Flagon, Flute*, Cup, Tankard, Mug, etc.
           --> <name>, empty

   * - as in "flute of champagne"

See also: HELP CASKS.